This Video Podcast explores SMARTBoard teaching techniques to 6-12 Math Teachers. Each episode lasts from 10-20 minutes.  Our emphasis and purpose is to create lessons that are engaging for students.  The lessons we will present will focus on getting students up to the smartboard and out of their desks.  We will be covering template lessons that the viewer will be able to download off our website.  Although we will be focusing on Math topics, most lessons can be applied to any subject.  Dave Sladkey is a high school math teacher and Scott Miller is the Instructional Coordinator for the Math Department at Naperville Central High School in Naperville Illinois just west of Chicago.  Both have been using the Smartboard since 2004.  They have presented numerous times at Smartboard workshops at the school, district, state, and national level.  Join us for this weekly Video Podcast.  Feel free to email us at smartboardguys@teachingwithsmartboard.com

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4 Responses

  1. Hey guys—
    Just saw your new site. Love your podcast and continue to try and share it with the other teachers in my district, particularly those new to SMARTBoard and fearful of technology.

    I noticed I could not find a link on the new site to subscribe to the podcast. I had to use the old site.

    That was a nice feature that makes it easy to pass on to teachers. I suppose the other way is for them to just search in iTunes but that’s one more step.

    I also saw your video of students podcasting. I’m very excited about trying this out with my teachers, but we do not have tablets and certainly not enough for every student in a class to use. Would be cool if you could talk about suggestions/strategies related to this in upcoming episodes.


  2. smartboard

    Thanks Eleanor!
    It is a great suggestion to get the link going for i-Tunes. We will work on that.
    As far as podcasting is concerned, we have taken on a different direction. We are now pushing Flip Video Cameras. These are relatively inexpensive ($150) and very easy for students to use. The students just need to solve the problem while the other student is pointing the camera at their work (not their face). They switch in the middle and the other takes over. The results are easy to post anywhere.We will try to put together a podcast regarding this. Thanks again for the nice comments,

  3. Kristin

    I was also looking for a way to subscribe to your podcasts in iTunes, but wasn’t coming up with anything.

  4. smartboard

    Thanks Kristin. I have just put a link to subscribe to iTunes on the LINKS page. I really appreciate you giving the feedback on these kinds of things. Dave
    Subscribe to iTunes

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