TEACHING WITH SMARTBOARD PODCAST 83 Notebook Express and a Flash Template

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the new school year.  We have been off for a while.  Some might say that we have always been “off”.  That is a matter of opinion.  However, we have just completed our first podcast this school year and it has to do with NOTEBOOK EXPRESS.  This is a FREE program that can run Notebook documents though a website.  It is really cool.  It is great for your students to be able to work with any Notebook document that you put out there.  Also, we talk about one of the flash templates that Smartboard puts out called ANAGRAMS.  It is where you can put in a list of vocabulary words and then the students will have to unscramble them.  It works great and is very easy to use.  Check out our podcast.

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All the best,

Dave and Scott


 Click Here for RESOURCES and Downloads including notebook documents and PDF’s from each episode



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One Response

  1. Linda Treilman

    Glad to see that you are up and running again. Also glad you will be doing something on common core. Version 10.8 gives you some good new stuff, too. Will be sending a notebook page to whichever personally e-mail address I can find first since I can’t attach a file here.

    I have been using notebook express in my online community college class. I find that erase and reveal works really well to get some interactivity. Also the fade in animation works. I do find that it doesn’t seem to do well with large size files.

    I am having a few difficulties. It may not be due to notebook express. I have to post the files through a system called Angel to deliver to my students and sometimes my students do all the work and can’t save their file to be able to send back. Sometimes when I get it back none of their writing is there.

    Haven’t had too much luck with help through Smart Tech. Have you run into this problem or heard from others with any suggestions.