Pre-Made Graphs for SMARTBoard

You will now have a large selection of graphs to put on your SMARTBoard with this download.  These are just a few of the graphs that you will have access to.  There are 80 graphs in all. 

graphs 2

These graphs are in what is called a gallery collection file.  They are great because they get inserted directly into your SMARTBoard Gallery “My Content” folder.  Remeber that when you download this collection file, it will open Notebook Software and appear that nothing happens.  Actually, the download puts the “Graphs” File right in your “MY Content” file off your Gallery Tab.  (See the picture below) Once downloaded, you will be able to access them when you are in any notebook page.  You will need to click on the Gallery Tab, then click on the “My Content” folder, then click on the “Graphs” folder.   There is a blue bar that you will see below all of these folders.  Click the blue bar and you will see the graphs.  Double click any graph that you would like, and it is now in your notebook file.  Some of the types of graphs are standard square graphs that have 3,5,7, or 10 units in each direction.  There are also 1st quadrant, trig, polar, and misc graphs.   There is a special pre-made graph section that has 18 graphs that are ready to show. 

graphs 4 

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Dave and Scott


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